Alberts Biomechanics LLC is a mechanical testing and consulting firm specializing in orthopaedic applications.

We perform tests to measure the "viscoelastic" or time-dependent mechanical properties of cartilage and tissue engineered materials and products (TEMPs).

What does that mean?  Tissue engineering is the process of trying to develop healty functional human tissues from man-made or human processed materials.  In the future, it may provide a way to replace damaged, diseased or missing cartilage and bone with functional material grown from the patient's own cells.  The viscoelastic tests we perform on cartilage and tissue engineered materials are important because cartilage is a structural material, and to function property in the body it must have the right time-dependent mechanical properties.  Our viscoelastic tests tell tissue engineers how well their materials are performing mechanically.

Viscoelastic Properties of Cartilage and Tissue Engineered Materials

How do you do these “viscoelastic test”?


We primarily do indentation tests based on the biphasic theory of cartilage.  Biphasic indentation tests have a number of advantages over other methods of measuring the mechanical properties of cartilage.


What else do we do?

Consulting, design, set-up, planning for all sort of mechanical tests of orthopaedic and maxillo-facial medical devices.  We have years of experience in testing spinal devices, acrylic bone cement and other skeletal implants and in doing wear and fatigue tests of knee implants and spinal implants.  Explore our website and discover some of the things we can do.


We can apply years of experience and expertise for problem solving, testing design and set-up, and general consulting of:

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An instrumented four-platform adjustable staircase designed for the Montion Analysis Laboratory at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.